The Pensioners' Mutual Care Union of Zalau

Respect - Solidarity - Mutual assistance

Used Forms
Club of Retired
Medical Cabinets




Provides reimbursable loans;



Provides grants;



Provides grant aids for descendants of the deceased members;


Organizes sport, tourist and entertainment activities specific to older people;


Reimbursable loans

Reimbursable loans are granted to CARP members in relation to the amount of fees collected from them up to the date of the loan contract.

The reimbursement period - up to 16 months, with an interest of 11% per year, which is retained at loan granting.

Usually, the borrower must have 2 endorsers among the pensioners.

The Social Fund of CARP represents the amount of contributions collected from the members. At withdrawal from CARP, the personal contribution shall be refunded to the respective members in terms of statutory provisions.



For members of CARP with poor economic and health situation, based on social surveys, is awarded a grant in the amount of 50 USD/ year.

Retired members who are on spa treatment may benefit of 25 RON reduction of the treatment cost, showing a copy of the ticket.


Death grants

The legal successors of the deceased members are eligible for death grant, on showing the death certificate and the documents proving the legal successor, the aid being in relation with the period of contribution.


Sports, tourism and leisure

Annually, usually in summer, there are organized for members of CARP 4-5 trips to spas, to historic and tourist attractions, half of the transport cost being  supported by CARP.





Beginning with November 2008, you have reductions up to 20% of  manual labor for the operations in the dental office located in P-ta 1 Decembrie 1918, no. 8, block A, ap. 1, dentist Dr. Silaghi Angelica.

Programming and percentage reductions in dental operations, at the secretariate of the CARP.




CARP Zalau provides for its members repayable loans, grants, death grants to descendants of deceased members, organizes sport, tourist and entertainment activities specific to the elderly persons.