The Pensioners' Mutual Care Union of Zalau

Respect - Solidarity - Mutual assistance

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CARP Zalau was founded on 30 of June 1958, based on Decision no. 62 of the  Zalau Popular Council's Executive Committee, having a number of 55 founding members and a president - Felician Todut.



In the next 10 years after the foundation, the main focus of the Union was narrowed to collect the subscription taxes and to assure the necessary fond for mutual assistance in the benefit of the poorest pensioners from the Union's members.



Together with experience, adopting and improving the specific legislation, CARP Zalau, similarly with others of this type in the country, were defined as

civic featured organizations, private legal personalities, non-governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, answering the purpose of charity, mutual assistance and social maintenance, not being subordinated or guarded by the central public administrational body or any local government institution.



In 2008, CARP Zalau celebrated in a festive environment the 50 years' anniversary, the 500 participating members being honored by the presence and congratulation messages of the Salaj county's Prefect, the President of the county council, the Mayor of the town council, the President of the CARP National Federation, as well as those from the 22 CARP representatives throughout the country. The festivity took place at the Union's House of Culture Zalau, and it ended with awarding of prizes (for 3 of the oldest members, 3 of the older members of CARP, 8 families who have reached 50 years of marriage, chess and backgammon competitions winners) followed by a grand cultural show artistically performed by the Porolissum and Columna assemblies, conducted by Professor Grigore Grigorut, soloists Sava Negrean Brudascu, Ileana Domuta Mastan, Dinu Iancu Salajanu, Paula Seling.



CARP Zalau pursues its activities legally, registered in the register of legal persons in Zalau Court based on the civil sentence No. 5569/21-12-1999 with unique code of tax registration issued by Directorate General of Public Finance Salaj.



It is registered in the Account Book, as a non-banking financial institution (IFN) held at National Bank of Romania at the number REPER 320271/11-08-2006.






Beginning with November 2008, you have reductions up to 20% of  manual labor for the operations in the dental office located in P-ta 1 Decembrie 1918, no. 8, block A, ap. 1, dentist Dr. Silaghi Angelica.

Programming and percentage reductions in dental operations, at the secretariate of the CARP.



CARP Zalau provides for its members repayable loans, grants, death grants to descendants of deceased members, organizes sport, tourist and entertainment activities specific to the elderly persons.